Calvin Doc Clements

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My name is Doc Clements and I am running to represent you in Harrisburg!

Calvin Doc Clements is a retired veterinarian, business owner, community servant and family man. For 35 years I was a part of your family and took great care of you.  Now I am running as the Democratic nominee for PA Senate 48. I believe in community, leadership and service. I will govern with common sense and remove the political agendas that destroy our communities and our democracy.

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When I was growing up, I was no stranger to struggle. I grew up on a farm in upstate New York. My family tried to make ends meet despite policies that threatened small operations in the dairy industry. I can relate to the dairy industry in Lebanon County, because this happened to them in 2018. Later, my family was devastated by my father’s injuries from a car accident that occurred as he drove home from his second job. This job was vital as our family depended on it, to save our dairy. This early experience planted a seed for politics, and throughout the rest of my life, I had an eye toward policies and the people they affect. After a personal injury prevented me from enlisting in the Navy ROTC aviation program, I went to school to become a veterinarian. By the time I reached retirement, I had operated various clinics, rehabilitation practices and imaging centers all in South Central Pennsylvania. 

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We can win this race! I need your VOTE, I need your HELP, and I need your CONTRIBUTION(s). Together let’s make civility normal again!

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It’s time to restore civility in our politics. We are at a crossroad in our state, where division has stifled our ability to safely open schools and local business, assume a fair and free election, all while seeing a spike in racial tensions, voter intimidation and suppression. I want to be a representative that improves the quality of life for Pennsylvanians. I believe that denying science, gerrymandering districts, disenfranchising voters and gerrymandering the courts will only lead to more civil discontent, unrest and disrupt the harmony of our lives. I have heard people say it can’t be fixed, but I believe this is just an excuse for the lack of will and diligence to try! I am a Democrat, unwavering and loyal to the party, I need a team of people who can help move the needle towards a greater PA.  

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Volunteer: As we move forward in this special election, we know we cannot do it alone. We need the assistance of great Pennsylvanians. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the form below. We are looking for folks who can safely canvas, make phone calls, create content and assist in fundraising.